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This free, week-long, summer camp gives preteens from the City of Rochester a chance to experience camping and enjoy fun, healthy activities such as rock-climbing, fishing, archery, and zip-lining. This unique camp is run by a team of officers from the Rochester Police and Fire Departments, who volunteer their time as camp counselors and leaders. This was the 3rd year that VOA has held Camp HEROES, and 44 children attended this year.

Camp HEROES takes places at the Rotary Sunshine Camp in Rush (which is 20 min south of Rochester) and serves children from economically disadvantaged households.

Overall, the camp supplies the children with the invaluable opportunity to build relationships and learn life skills at a critical time for learning and molding perceptions, and reinforces positive behavior.

"Connections, that what it's all about," remarked Rob Stedman, VOA's Vice President of Children and Family Services and Camp Director. "The kids made strong bonds with each other and the officers, and some of them were inseparable by the end of the week. That's what we want this camp to be. I've been working with children for 15 years, and Camp HEROES was the most rewarding experience I've ever been a part of."