Hold A Donation Drive

You can make a difference and provide hope to people in need.

Holding a donation drive is a great way to help the individuals (including veterans) and families staying in our shelters and the process is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Review our list of items below to find out our current needs for shelters. 
  2. Set out large boxes or bins at your school, work, church, clubhouse etc... and download our Collection Sheet explaining what the donation drive is for and what is needed. Use the blank space to write the items you would like to collect.  
  3. Use VOA materials like our information sheets for shelters in Rochester and Binghamton or a story about one of our previous residents to educate people about the need for these programs and how their donations help. 

Call us at 585-402-7204 or email info@voaupny.org to get started!

Donation Drive Materials
Collection Sheet
Karen's Story