VOA Cuts Ribbon on New Housing for the Homeless

VOA celebrated the completion of construction on 7 new apartments at its Cooper Union facility. Please follow the links below to watch, or, read below:

WROC News 8 
— The Volunteers of America (VOA) held a ribbon cutting ceremony Thursday for the seven new supportive housing apartments that opened at the Cooper Union facility. The project that first started in March of 2020 in now open.

The new supportive housing apartments are located on State Street in Rochester and will provide safe housing and on-site support for homeless individuals, including veterans.

“Safe, affordable housing is essential and at the foundation of our community’s well-being. These seven new supportive housing units on State Street are a testament to what our community can accomplish when we work together,” Jeremy Cooney, NYS Senator said in a statement issued Thursday. “I am grateful to all the partners and notably to the Volunteers of America for making this project possible. I look forward to the positive impact these units will have on those who are experiencing homelessness in Rochester.”

Thanks to a $1.25 million grant from New York State’s Homeless Housing Assistance Corporation and a $60,000 grant from The Home Depot Foundation, the VOA was able to renovate the first floor on their building on State street to create these new apartments.

“Housing is a human right. It is the very first step in helping individuals and families break the
cycle of poverty,” Lynn Sullivan, President & CEO of Volunteers of America Upstate New
York said in that same Thursday statement. “Providing a safe, stable place for people to live allows us to also offer essential services to help people overcome the challenges in their life – such as finding employment and recovering from addiction or trauma.”

VOA’s Cooper Union is a permanent supportive housing program for homeless and chronically
homeless individuals. The program has been operating for more than a decade, with 45 apartments on the three upper floors. With the new addition of the 7 units on the first floor, the facility now has 52 supportive housing apartments.

In addition to housing, VOA provides on-site support services to help residents address health concerns, strengthen their self-reliance, and improve their well-being. Every year, the VOA provides 200,000 nights of shelter for those in need.

13WHAM News — Volunteers of American has opened new housing downtown for homeless people facing mental and behavioral health challenges, including veterans.

Cooper Union on State Street features seven new apartments.

"Approximately 5 to 10 percent of our homes are occupied by veterans. Again, another important population to address for all they've given to our country," said Lynn Sullivan, president and CEO of Volunteers of America.

Currently, the VOA's Cooper Union has 52 supportive housing apartments, but houses over 300 homeless people throughout the Rochester area.

News 10 WHEC — Seven new supportive housing apartments are ready for residents.

The Volunteers of America Thursday cut the ribbon on the VOA’s Cooper Union facility located on State Street in Rochester.

Homeless individuals and veterans in need of a home will have access to on-site support.

The apartments were made possible by a $1.25 million grant from New York State’s Homeless Housing Assistance Corporation and a $60,000 grant from The Home Depot Foundation.