Send Hope - Write a note of encouragement to a Neighbor in Need.

Many of the seniors, veterans and homeless families that we serve are isolated as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. A few kind words of encouragement would mean a great deal to them. VOA has designed printable cards which you can use write a short message to one of our residents to bring them hope that brighter days are coming. 

You can send your own card or use one of our 4 designs below! To use one of ours, just print your design, fold it in half using the dotted lines, and write your letter! 

**Please note that card designs may take a few moments to load due to file size

Card Designs

Mail the card to us at Volunteers of America, c/o Send Hope, 214 Lake Avenue, Rochester, NY 14608 and we will pass along your message of hope to one of the many people we serve.

Take a look at the first batch of letters that have already been delivered to our residents!