Caring Gifts

The Gift of Shelter $75


Having safe shelter is essential. Your gift will support homeless families ensuring they have a safe place to stay, food to eat, and support services to address their housing crisis. 

The Gift of Food $53

Help address food insecurity by providing nourishing meals for people staying at VOA’s emergency shelters and groceries for those who turn to VOA’s Food Pantry for assistance.

The Gift of Employment $40


Your gift will help people obtain employment. With your support, VOA will help people conduct job searches, write resumes, and prepare for interviews.

The Gift of Independence $35


Help low-income seniors maintain their independence. Your donation will help VOA provide affordable housing and support services so seniors can age in place.

The Gift of Honor $64


Many veterans face challenges when they return to civilian life. Your gift will provide housing and supportive services for veterans who are experiencing homelessness and struggling with mental and physical health concerns.

The Gift of Education $125


Set kids on the path to success in life! Your gift will provide children from low-income households with early childhood educational programs at our Children’s Center.

The Gift of Home $100

Help those who are homeless become stabilized in an apartment. Your gift will provide rental assistance and support services to help families and individuals maintain housing.

The Gift of Second Chances $45


Provide men and women who are exiting incarceration with re-entry services to help them make a positive transition back into the community.

The Gift of Nutrition $25


Provide healthy produce grown at VOA’s farm for impoverished households.

The Gift of Health $60


Help those struggling with mental health challenges and addiction to access treatment and recovery services.

The Gift of Support $50


At our Children’s Center, we provide family development services, such as parent training and case management, to help build a strong foundation and empower families to thrive!

The Gift of Empowerment $35


Your gift will provide strength-based workshops for justice-involved people, helping them to develop pro-social behaviors and reduce recidivism.

The Gift of Hope $Any Amount

Your gift of any amount will support the 5,000+ people that VOA serves every year and will allow us to deploy resources where the need is the greatest.

Make a Caring Gift

Your gift will provide comfort to our neighbors in need this holiday season.