Caring Gifts

The Gift of Shelter $75


Having safe shelter has never been more important. Your gift will support VOA’s Emergency Shelter so homeless families and individuals have a safe place to sleep and self-isolate, food to eat, and support services to address the crisis in their lives. 

The Gift of Food $50

With this gift, you will provide nutritious meals for people staying in VOA’s shelters and groceries for impoverished families who turn to VOA’s Food Pantry for help. 

The Gift of Independence $35


Help low-income seniors maintain their independence and self-sufficiency. Your donation will help VOA provide supportive, affordable housing so seniors can safely age in place with access to the resources they need to self-isolate and stay safe during the pandemic.

The Gift of Home $100

Housing is a basic need and maintaining housing during difficult economic times can be a challenge. Your gift will provide rental assistance and support services to help people remain stably housed.

The Gift of Powerful Impact (Monthly)

Make a powerful and long-lasting impact by choosing to make a monthly or quarterly donation to VOA. A gift of $10, $25, $50 or $100 a month can be an easy way to support the 6,000 people that VOA serves every year and will allow VOA to deploy resources where the need is the greatest. Join our family of Sustaining Donors and know that you are making an impact year-round for your community.

The Gift of Respect $65 


Many veterans face challenges when they return to civilian life. Your gift will provide housing and support for homeless vets - helping rebuild their lives and show them the respect they deserve for their sacrifice and service.

The Gift of Second Chances $42


Empower men and women who are exiting incarceration through strength-based programs, workshops and re-entry services. Your donation will give them tools and resources to successfully transition back into the community and reunite with their families.

The Gift of Education $125


You can help set a child on the path to success in life! Your gift will provide children from low-income households with enriched child care and educational programming at VOA’s nationally accredited Children’s Center, which serves more than 300 children every year.

The Gift of Hope $Any Amount

Since 1896, Volunteers of America has provided essential services that address the challenges of poverty and homelessness. Your gift will support VOA’s programs, ensuring that our neighbors in need receive compassionate care and much needed hope. 


A special thank you to Wegmans and the team at WROC News 8!

Make a Caring Gift

Your gift will provide comfort to our neighbors in need this holiday season.

Caring Gifts