Prison Rape Elimination Act Information and Reporting

To Report Sexual Abuse or Harassment – Contact the PREA Coordinator

Phone: 585-402-7211 Email:

Volunteers of America complies with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) of 2003 and has a zero-tolerance stance towards all forms of sexual abuse and sexual harassment. VOA has extensive policies and procedures in place (in adherence with PREA) that are applicable to residents, staff, volunteers, visitors and contractors. Our zero-tolerance stance includes education, prevention, detection and immediate response to incidents.

Anyone wishing to report acts or allegations of sexual abuse or sexual harassment may contact the agency’s PREA Coordinator by phone at 585-402-7211 or by email at Individuals may also report to the Bureau of Prisons directly by writing to: Federal Bureau of Prisons, National PREA Coordinator, Reentry Services Division, 400 First Street NW, Room 4027, Washington, DC, 20534 to report inmate abuse of another inmate.  To report an act or allegation of staff abuse of an inmate, individuals can write to: Federal Bureau of Prisons, Office of Internal Affairs, 320 First Street NW, Room 600, Washington, DC, 20534. The Department of Corrections Community Supervision is located at 1220 Washington Ave., Albany, NY 12226 and can be reached at 518-457-2653.

Volunteers of America of Western New York has successfully passed a PREA audit of the agency’s Residential Reentry Center at 175 Ward Street, Rochester, NY in 2016 and 2019, and a PREA audit of our Community-Based Residential Program at 320 Chenango Street in Binghamton, NY in 2018 and 2021. The audits assess the compliance with the PREA standards for Community Confinement developed by the United States Department of Justice. The standards are available online at the National PREA Resource Center.

In addition, Volunteers of America completes annual PREA Reports, which can be viewed via the links below:


Article: Agency PREA Policies

Article: Memorandum of Understanding

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