VOA Upstate NY

Creating lasting change in the community.

Children's Center

Available spots for infants, toddlers, and preschool age.

Who We Are

At Volunteers of America (VOA), we are dedicated to creating lasting change in the community through safe housing, comprehensive human services, enriching education, and access to quality healthcare. By focusing on long-term solutions to poverty and homelessness, we strive to provide individuals with the support they need to achieve stability and thrive. Together, we can build a brighter future by addressing the root causes of inequality and empowering individuals to lead fulfilling lives and reach their full potential.


Upstate New York In Action

Key Areas of Service

Since 1896, VOA has worked to address the complex challenges of poverty and homelessness by providing more than 30 programs and services that empower people to become self-reliant and reach their full potential.

Homelessness Prevention

VOA offers a continuum of housing programs and services including emergency shelters, supportive housing, housing for seniors and veterans, rapid re-housing, rental assistance, and a residential reentry center.

Childhood Education

The Children’s Center provides educational programs focused on early childhood development and school readiness for kids in addition to support services as a full-time nurse, on-site dental care, family development services, ongoing parent training, and disability supports for children with special needs.

Reentry Programs

Our Residential Reentry Center and Community-Based Residential Programs in Rochester and Binghamton reduce recidivism by helping foster a positive transition after incarceration through housing, specialized case management, employment assistance, and life skills training.

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