Our Leadership

VOA Staff

Dr. Junior Dillion
President and Chief Executive Officer

Allis Marion
Chief Financial Officer

Pat Drake
Senior Vice President of Agency Advancement

Isidoro Morale
Regional Vice President of Housing Services

Wendy Dettmer
Vice President of Community-Based Programs

Jannie Hill
Vice President of Early Childhood Services

Rob Conti
Vice President of Facilities and Informational Technology

Maria Dewhirst
Human Resources Manager

Board of Directors

Diane Caselli, Chair

Enna Pietrantoni, Vice Chair

Mark Peartree, Secretary

Daniel Beale, CPA, Treasurer

Jane C. Hasselkus

Elizabeth A. Cordello

Kelly J. Glover

Michael (Mike) Littlewood

Susan Matzat

Jason J. Mull

Ken Northrup

Mike Tetamore

Mary C. Macbeth

Ryan Ramage

Eileen Ryan-Maruke

Michael Menard

Lacie White

Colleen C. Rose

Andrew Hoyt