Permanent Supportive Housing

Our permanent supportive housing is for people who are chronically homeless (meaning they have recurring bouts of homelessness), dealing with mental health or addiction issues, or are at-risk of becoming homeless. 

VOA follows the “housing first” initiative which states that you cannot work on mental health or addiction without the basic human right of housing. Although the facilities are strictly drug free, people who relapse are not removed from their home as they work towards self-sufficiency. As long as residents do not inhibit progress of other tenants they can stay in their program. 

Residents also work with case managers and 24-hour resident assistant staff to establish and achieve individual goals. Case managers work to keep people on track by providing the following guidance based on the individual needs of the resident:

VOA’s Permanent Supportive Housing Programs in Binghamton include:

VOA’s Permanent Supportive Housing Programs in Rochester include:

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