Code Blue

Help provide shelter to someone in desperate need of warmth, safety and support!

Thank you for your compassion and desire to help those experiencing homelessness this winter.

Volunteers of America provides an array of housing and support services for those struggling with homelessness - including emergency shelters in Binghamton and Rochester, NY. Every year, we provide more than 124,000 nights of safe shelter for people in our community thanks to the help from generous supporters like you.

During the pandemic, we continue to operate to ensure those in need have somewhere to turn for shelter, food and support. We are here to meet the needs of homeless families, veterans, seniors and individuals who have been overlooked by most people - and we want to thank YOU for being someone who refuses to overlook the most vulnerable in our community. We are thankful for The Law Offices of William Mattar for bringing you here to learn more about our mission.


Code Blue is a term used when the outside temperature with wind chill has dropped below 32 degrees and the homeless are urged to seek emergency shelter. VOA provides shelter all year long, and during the winter we expand our capacity on Code Blue days to ensure that homeless individuals and families have safe shelter. 

We offer a safe place where the homeless can come in from the cold...a place where they can recover from the crisis in their lives and begin to rebuild…a place where someone believes in them and is there to help without judgement. You can provide warmth, safety and support to people living on the streets during the winter. We hope you will consider being a part of our mission to end homelessness by making a contribution today.

Donate to provide warm shelter throughout the winter

Other Ways You Can Get Involved

  • Spread Awareness

    Follow us on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and Instagram! The more you share, then more people will know about homelessness - and the more likely of a chance it becomes that people will step up to help. 

  • Hear Their Stories

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  • Volunteer to Help

    Volunteers can host donation drives to help gather much needed supplies and resources for people struggling during the pandemic. Just set out large boxes or bins at your school, work, church, etc. and start collecting donations!

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Code Blue